V I S U A L - M A R K E T I N G
Promotion design
Product packaging
Event graphics

C O M M U N I C A T I O N - D E S I G N
Publication design
Electronic formats
Educational graphics
Editorial illustration
Website makeovers
Creative content

I D E N T I T Y - D E V E L O P M E N T
Logomark design
Visual identity systems
Branding programs
Name concepts

C O R P O R A T E - G R A P H I C S
Annual Reports
Capabilities brochures
Video and interactive media
Signage and wayfinding
Exhibition design
Fleet graphics

F I N E - A N D - A P P L I E D - A R T
Mixed media collage
Montage illustration
Wood engravings
Cartoon humor
Legacy artworks
Greeting cards

I M A G E - E F F E C T I V E N E S S
Print campaign evaluations
Marketing image consultation
Community relations audits


Graphic design for commerce, communities, and corporate image

A Marketing Orientation
Maintaining a persuasive marketing image in a competitive environment requires the design expertise and attention to detail that have become the signature of Dixon Design. With a top-level background in the core aspects of marketing communication and visual identity management, our goal is to to further a client’s objectives by projecting a unified, highly credible impression through exceptional quality in graphic design.

A Partnering Approach
The client plays a critical role in the creative process, first by defining perceptions and challenges, and then by reacting to concepts and refinements, as we move toward the solution. Collaboration with our clients offers an ideal climate for developing tools that provide them with the benefit of long-term “image equity.”

Professional Services
Dixon Design has gained recognition for its publication concepts, but, as you will discover, our skills encompass more than designing graphics for print. We have strong experience in interpreting strategic management goals for a variety of media. Providing total project management, we offer design and editorial concepts, illustration and photo direction, copywriting, and production coordination. Among our capabilities, the one our clients value most is our ability to communicate the right impression to the target market most vital to their success.

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